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Exploiting Normal Puppy Behavior

We decided it was time for Zwei to begin fulfilling his role as chief distraction and functioning working partner, starting with our 8 am appointment. Our Thursday morning regular is a young Lab mix named Murphy. Murph is a great dog, although his enthusiasm is a...

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A day of discovery; getting to know your pup

Today kept us largely at home. Dog Training clients in the morning and chores in the afternoon kept me close to the house and to our new English Pointer pup, Zwei. As I suspected he would, Conor abdicated to spend the night at a friends' house on the last day of his...

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Socializing your new puppy

It helps that our son Conor doesn't go back to school until Wednesday. He was also very enthusiastic about being Zwei's caregiver overnight for his very first night in his new home. We organized Conors' room to accept his new guest much to the dismay of Goth Cat. She...

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Houndawg Homecoming; Puppy comes home

Little guy has been here for about 4 and a half hours and he's konked out in his crate after a pretty busy afternoon. All of his party guests left and there wasn't much left to do besides pass out from exhaustion. I imagine he's pretty happy, we made good and sure he...

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Making plans; the importance of proper puppy socialization

It's always a good idea to think about not only why you want a dog, but what your plans are for your dog once you bring him home. Everyone has high aspirations for their new dog. Intentions run wild with possibilities as you and your new pup get acquainted, but even...

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Preparing for a new puppy

Well, in less than 40 hours, our house will be welcoming our new puppy. An 8 week old Pointer pup will be setting up housekeeping here and we are thrilled to have him. Having a medium for bragging about his exploits is always wonderful, and I am sure there will be...

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Purebred Dog Dilemma: Beautiful dogs vs Healthy Dogs

I thought this was a topical discussion considering the Samantha Brick article regarding the purported disadvantage of being attractive and a comment on FaceBook about the deliberate, planned breeding of mix bred dogs. My mind works in funny ways, I agree, but bear...

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The Laws of Social Attraction

A lot of potential client contacts include some form of "My dog won't come when I call him". It says a lot about the relationship they are currently experiencing with their dogs when they initiate a conversation with that statement. It isn't too difficult to figure...

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The aggressive dog, the responsibility rests with YOU

I received a phone call from a friend of mine the other day. It would seem that she needed to take a break from grooming a 4 pound landshark of the Poodle variety, who had just laid her hand open when trying to extract the dog from a crate. Needless to say, my friend...

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Why people DON’T train their dogs:

People don't train their dogs because they are misguided in the belief that "(s)he is a puppy and will 'grow' out of it". People don't train their dogs because their spouse/son/daughter/mother/father/neighbor/casual acquaintance "is a dog trainer" and will "help them...

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