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Linda Kaim Dog Training Seminar West Virginia 2019Linda Kaim and Lionheart K9 have been presenting dog training seminars and workshops for the last 8 years on dogs and puppies across the country. For the last two years, she and her training partner Dave Cochran of Show Me YOUR Dog in Baltimore have collaborated on the Measurable Standards Tour where they travel to different locations across the country to demonstrate what can be accomplished with a little bit of time, a cohesive plan and some discipline.

They have cris-crossed the country with up to 20 dogs undergoing different points in the training journey to best demonstrate what a handler may encounter during the process and how to navigate issues as they arise, efficiently and without conflict.

Linda Kaim Dog Training Seminar Houston Texas February 2020So many new dog trainers entering the trade are tool reliant and their approach reflects that. Together, Dave and Linda have logged over 15 thousand miles to bring sensible, effective dog training methods that work, to owners and professional trainers alike. Trainers and owners that may be struggling to improve their dog training, or are struggling with issues that their current training attempts are not addressing, are excellent candidates for our dog training workshops, where the focus is on handling effectively and clearly.

Linda’s Puppy Primer seminars began in 2014, with several well-recieved appearances in her home state of Maryland, Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Maine and Iowa. They are based on her encyclopedic knowledge of puppy development and behavior from years of producing her own dogs as well as working with breeders with puppy temperament testing and selecting appropriate homes for their puppies based on the results of those tests.

The Measurable Standards Tour was born at a dog training seminar hosted by Sandy Stokes at her farm in the beautifal Shenandoah Valley of West Virginia in 2019. It followed a fundamental tenet to which we strongly adhere; that every dog is capable of basic obedience, and owners should not be reliant on tools to maintain it.

Linda Kaim Dg Training Seminar Ohio 2014For decades, owners pursued dog training ‘clubs’ for what at the time was considered *basic* obedience. This consisted of walking on a loose leash at the handler’s left side, to sit, stand and lie down on command and remain there until released, and to come when called, regardless of distractions that may compete for the dogs’ attention.

For years this was what owners could expect from their instructors, and for years, dogs were trained to a standard that could actually be measured. There are still municipalities across the country that permit off leash dogs predicated on their ability to meet that standard.

Linda Kaim Dog Training Seminar Vale North Carolina  2020With so much currency being given to the battle for online supremacy and who’s the most popular on social media, real dog training has fallen between the cracks. The Measurable Standards Tour of dog training workshops and seminars quickly became a pretty popular alternative for people wishing to acquire a better understanding of the actual training process, independent of the nonsense that is currently trending and disguised as dog training on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere.

Dave and Linda are available for the Measurable Standards Tour and Puppy Primer dog training seminars domestically for any state in the contiguous United States. For information on hosting, please contact Linda HERE

Although we have been invited to speak overseas and in Canada, the Pandemic has caused a lot of confusion with travel retrictions, and since we would have to pass through many countries, we are waiting for COVID restrictions to be lifted altogether in the likelyhood  that the travel requirements will not be standardized across the European nations.

We offer a “Ride-Along with Linda and Dave” for individuals or small groups with curriculae designed for the professional trainer that is looking to reach a deeper understanding of dogs, their behavior and training. Trainers are welcome to bring dogs of their own or client dogs, but absent that, dogs will be supplied for them to work during their stay. This is an immersive program. For additional information on any of our dog training seminars or workshops, please contact Linda HERE


Groom-a-Palooza in Halethorpe: Learn about different hair types and the correct tools to keep your pup ship-shape between trims. If your doodle looks like a brillo pad or your collie looks like a haystack, let Linda’s 50 years of experience grooming all sorts of coat types help youkeep your pup in top condition. Learn how to trim nails, de-tangle, and tons of other tricks your groomer will thank you for, and so will your wallet!

Please bring your own refreshments and your own chairs. This is a spectator only event. Dogs have already been chosen for this workshop. From 9 am to 1 pm. Cost is $50.00 payable HERE

This will be telecast LIVE Via Facebook, so attendance is not mandatory. Supplemental information on the supplies we use will be made available to participants.

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Get the latest news on upcoming Seminars and Workshops

Get the latest news on upcoming seminars and workshops!

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