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Is Your Puppy Driving You Nuts?

puppy training in Westminster MarylandAre you experiencing unexpected challenges? 

  • Housebreaking concerns
  • Crate behavior challenges
  • Demand barking and attention-seeking behaviors
  • Biting, mouthing, or defensive behavior
  • Growling or Snapping
  • Frequent housebreaking accidents
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Mouthing, Nipping, or Biting
  • Destructive tendencies and chewing habits 
  • Everything Else!

Lionheart K9’s Right Start Puppy training is the solution you’ve been looking for!

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We offer two Puppy Training options; Private, One-on-One training at your location, and Residential Boarding and Training at mine!

If you are just looking for help potty training your puppy, or for superior solutions to puppy training, why wait? Join Maryland’s leading expert on puppy behavior and development!

Puppies learn at an exponential rate from birth until about 4 months of age. Exploit that opportunity to teach your puppy everything he needs to know as an adult dog, before growing up has him practicing the wrong behaviors, and size makes it harder to manage him physically.

Your pup will learn more through our industry leading puppy training programs than he would anywhere else. This puppy training program was specifically created by one of the dog training industry’s most experienced specialist in puppy development and behavior to help nurture cooperative, confident adult dogs that are eager to learn.

Introduce your puppy to training the right way;  from the very beginning! It is easier to handle a puppy of any breed than it is an untrained adult, especially of the larger breeds!

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Without exception, almost all dog problems can be avoided entirely simply by taking the time with young puppies and giving them the right start to a lifetime of companionship without conflict.

We help your pup discover how to be successful, willing and cooperative from the very beginning!

  • Increase your pup’s ability to learn
  • Create elastic, permanent memory
  • Imprint appropriate emotional responses to novel things
  • Help create confident, cooperative adults!

We have created the perfect puppy training program that taps into the basic instinctual drives all puppies share during their formative months of development and growth.

Private, One-on-One Training for your Puppy

You will learn how to teach your puppy-

  • To tolerate and accept physical restraint and confinement without protest
  • To develop resilience through positive novel experiences
  • To learn through the ‘discovery’ process how to earn reinforcement and how to avoid consequences; how to willingly volunteer cooperative behaviors and never engage in dangerous ones
  • How to accommodate their crate, training equipment and grooming tools that will be used throughout their lives

You will learn how to develop clear, easy-to-understand means of communication, and how to assure successful outcomes for your puppy as they grow.

Our private training program will also grant you access to additional resources which include reading material, instructional video and other media, designed to help puppy owners raise and train their new pup successfully!

Learn first-hand, from one of the industry’s most experienced specialist on puppy behavior, on how to start things off right, from the beginning!

Puppy Camp

Our “Right Start” puppy camp is designed to help owners that were well intended when they brought their puppy home, but suffer from time constraints or travel restrictions, or maybe not enough patience to get up in the middle of the night to accommodate baby dog bladders and bowels.

There’s no shame in that.

Lots of people ‘think’ they can, but when it comes to losing sleep and having to clean up messes due to poor timing or too many distractions, may have realized that they weren’t cut out to be ‘puppy parents’. At least through the hard parts, anyway.

We help influence your puppy’s development so their experiences positively shape who they become as adult dogs. During your puppy’s stay, we focus on imprinting appropriate social behavior, identify and encourage an active signal for elimination, create positive and permanent associations with physical handling, restraint and confinement, and lay the foundation for lifelong learning through the introduction of training with positive reinforcement. We engage in healthy socialization, and exposure to new people, surroundings and other animals in ways that owners simply do not have access to, through controlled, environmentally stimulating settings. 

We help your puppy:

  • Tolerate and accept physical restraint and confinement without protest
  • Develop resilience through positive novel experiences
  • Learn through the ‘discovery’ process how to earn reinforcement and how to avoid consequences; how to willingly volunteer cooperative behaviors and never engage in dangerous ones
  • To accommodate their crate, training equipment and grooming tools that will be used throughout their lives
  • Prepare for a lifetime of learning and establishing self control through the application of obedience

All while living securely in our home, with concierge veterinary care, and around-the-clock supervision!

Your puppy will begin to learn how to follow clear auditory and visual cues, and how to accept human leadership willingly and cooperatively.

Our Right Start Puppy Training boot camp program also provides access to our online resources that include reading material, instructional video and other media designed to help puppy boot camp participants practice and maintain the training their new pup has received successfully! 

Owners receive

  • Additional private lessons after your puppy completes the training
  • Online and phone support on the material we cover until your dog reaches 12 months of age
  • Training equipment: 6 foot leash and training collar (type will be determined by the trainer)
  • Opportunities to participate in any group obedience training once your puppy matures at no additional cost

The first three months of a puppy’s life will shape the dog they become as adults. Why take the chance on potentially messing it up, when you and your pup can learn first-hand, from one of the industry’s most experienced specialist on puppy behavior.

Let us start things off right, from the beginning!

Which one’s best? Well that depends…

  • Puppy Board and Train: Specifically designed for owners preferring professional handling and expertise during their puppy’s critical training period, ensuring a well-rounded and well-behaved companion.

  • Private Puppy Training: A personalized program spanning several weeks, ideal for hands-on owners seeking active involvement in their puppy’s growth and emotional development.

LionheartK9 is top notch. We sent our 14 week old mini goldendoodle, Sonny, to Linda and Peter to teach him thePuppy Camp training with Lionheart K9 in Westminster Maryland basics and help him adapt to life in our busy home. He stayed with them for 3 weeks and came home with so many new skills. Even better, Linda and Peter regularly sent us training videos of Linda working with Sonny and talking us through what she was doing so we could reinforce the training when he returned home. The best part is the support that comes with the board-and train. Linda and Peter have come to our home several times to work on behaviors we want to correct and Peter films the interactions so we can refer to it later. Super helpful! Training a puppy is WORK for everyone involved so managing expectations is key, but we are thrilled with the progress that Sonny has made with the foundation that Linda and Peter laid with him and us! Linda is also super responsive via email which is great if we have questions in the moment. We recommend LionheartK9 wholeheartedly.

Tracee F.

You wouldn’t turn your new puppy over to just anybody, any more than you would your own children! 

Puppy training with puppy expert Linda Kaim of Lionheart K9Linda Kaim has been training professionally since 1979 and has established herself as an industry leader in puppy behavior, conducting seminars on puppy development nationally for many years. Linda has personally bred and raised many puppies of many different breeds and is uniquely qualified to help you with your puppy as a result. Linda also has evaluated litters of puppies as an AVIDog Puppy evaluator, which forges additional insight into puppy behavior and development.

Puppies are a unique opportunity to ‘get it right the first time’, without waiting for problems to develop and having to spend countless hours and dollars on fixes when prevention is indeed a pound of cure!

Why Choose Lionheart K9?

  • Many positive reviews– check out our Google reviews and across social media!
  • Training that works– developed by many years of practical application on many thousands of dogs
  • Our serious commitment to continuing education and offering only the best training practices available anywhere
  • Free bonus material to enhance your training efforts and additional support from the area’s most experienced dog trainer
  • Guaranteed results– We guarantee what we do. If you put in the work and don’t get results, we will refund your money

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More than just puppy potty training!

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