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Dog Boot Camp

Our immersion training camps are designed for owners who want their dogs to behave appropriately under any circumstance, regardless of distractions. The perfect solution for the busy owner!

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Private Dog Training

We train you to train your dog! With our Private, one-on-one dog training programs, every aspect of your dog’s training is carefully & specifically planned by our training director, Linda Kaim. 

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Puppy Training

Would you like to avoid all of the pitfalls of owning a puppy, but still want to enjoy the fun of having a youngster around the house? Our Nationally recognized Right Start Puppy training can help!

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Dog Day Camp

Don’t have time to train your dog but don’t feel comfortable boarding your pooch away from home? Enroll in our Dog Training DayCamp. Drop your pup off in the morning, pick him up “after school”!

Our Numbers Only Tell Part of the Story…

Number of Dogs Trained since 1979, and counting!

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Our Happy Dog Owners Tell The Rest of the Story…

I would like to write a review and recommendation — are there specific sites where I can post?  Or just post on your website? Let me know.  Also if a potential client asks for references, please feel free to give them my contact info.  I’d be happy to share our experience.

Hope you and Peter are doing well.  Thanks again for everything!


Dogs Name, Romeo

So often, people touch our lives, and they never know what effect they have. Our work with you started us on a road to consistent communication, to honest effort and evaluation, to raising expectations and leaving excuses behind, and to the satisfaction that comes from authentic progress.Thank you for the time you spent with us. It made a difference. I hope you are enjoying life with your family and your young pup.


Dogs Name, Crash

One of the most important gifts that Linda has given me is the knowledge that Bear’s behavior is dependent on how well (or not so well) I interact with him. Just as children need consistency, so do dogs.

The better I am the better Bear is. Thanks Linda!


Dogs Name, Bear

I was so shocked the first time Maggie walked “off lead” next to me, that is every dog owners dream! I truly know that Linda cares for all the dogs that she trains because she seemed to take a special interest in every one. I would recommend Linda and Lionheart K9 to everyone who asks. I truly am amazed by Linda’s gift with dogs!


Dogs Name, Maggie

Maryland Dog Spot

Our 9 thousand square foot facility is located in Finksburg, MD and is convenient to the central Maryland area.  We call it “The Maryland Dog Spot”.  It’s a spacious indoor training environment which allows us to work year-round, and offer several unique recreational activities that are constantly evolving. All of our high quality dog training is done at this facility.  You certainly can’t miss the sign!   More Info

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LionheartK9/Maryland Dog Spot
1907 Bethel Road
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Dog Training-Maryland- Call Us: 443-201-8231 Dog Training & Dog Behavior Problem Solving-Dog Boarding & Training, Day Training and Private Lessons in the Westminster Maryland area

Take a minute and listen to our history.

I am fascinated with puppies and how quickly they learn. The focus of my most recent work over the last decade has been with development and early learning in puppies. I firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and continue to create programs for new puppy owners that enable them to reduce the stress very young puppies can create. Using ideas from many of the working and performance dog cultures, I have developed and streamlined a concise program exclusively for puppies…

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