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Learn about our dog obedience boot camp, what it includes, and what type of dog is best suited for this program.

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Your pup deserves the Best Start, so give him the RIGHT START! Our Right Start Puppy Training is the answer to your puppy questions!

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You can successfully train a dog from the comforts of your home. Sign your pup up for our LK9 University On-Line Coaching.

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Learn all about our Private Dog Training Program, who it’s designed for, and what type of dog is best suited for this program.

Dog Training in Maryland, the solution to your dog problems!

Do you love your dog, but don’t ‘like’ him very much because of his annoying behavior?

Have you tried other training that just didn’t work?

Is taking your dog to the vet, groomer, or in public a burden because of his pulling, lunging or jumping?

You wanted a companion you can enjoy as a member of the family, not a nuisance you have endure and lock away when family or friends come to visit.

Your dog is more than capable of learning how to be polite on leash or off, around company, and around distractions!

We offer private dog training, dog training online, and our dog obedience boot camp for you to choose from; all designed to help you reach your training goals with effective, proven instruction and exceptional support.

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Be honest with yourself

You choose your service providers using a selection algorithm that makes sense to you. Whether it’s word of mouth, online reviews, or maybe a sense that provider aligns with your core beliefs and you find yourself being drawn to their no-nonsense philosophy.

All we ask is that you take the time to think about what you want to do, and how you want to do it. Can you do the work? Do you want to do the work? Dog training isn’t easy. It takes the one non-renewable resource of time, and the discipline to get it done, whether it’s raining, already dark out, or you’re late for the kids’ soccer practice.

We understand the importance of making sure our clients have the knowledge and skills to maintain their dogs’ training. Our goal is to provide you with time-tested training and world class support to help you and your pup develop durable, reliable obedience that you can enjoy at home and everywhere else.

Learn more about our Private Dog Training, our Dog Obedience Boot Camp, or our On-Line Coaching programs

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Here’s some folks who think we’re pretty great, too!

I would like to write a review and recommendation — are there specific sites where I can post? Or just post on your website? Let me know. Also if a potential client asks for references, please feel free to give them my contact info. I’d be happy to share our experience.

Hope you and Peter are doing well. Thanks again for everything!


Dogs Name, Romeo

So often, people touch our lives, and they never know what effect they have. Our work with you started us on a road to consistent communication, to honest effort and evaluation, to raising expectations and leaving excuses behind, and to the satisfaction that comes from authentic progress.Thank you for the time you spent with us. It made a difference. I hope you are enjoying life with your family and your young pup.

Dogs Name, Crash

One of the most important gifts that Linda has given me is the knowledge that Bear’s behavior is dependent on how well (or not so well) I interact with him. Just as children need consistency, so do dogs.

The better I am the better Bear is. Thanks Linda!


Dogs Name, Bear

I was so shocked the first time Maggie walked “off lead” next to me, that is every dog owners dream! I truly know that Linda cares for all the dogs that she trains because she seemed to take a special interest in every one. I would recommend Linda and Lionheart K9 to everyone who asks. I truly am amazed by Linda’s gift with dogs!

Dogs Name, Maggie