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Some testimonials from our customers!

Liz, “Scooter” and “Buddy” from Florida

Hope your holiday was wonderful, and you are wished a very prosperous and healthy, Happy New Year.  Will send you pics of the pups as soon as I find my camera software.  Its packed away somewhere.  Both Scoot and Buddy are doing fine.  I just tell Scoot “No” when he...

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Bonnie and “Roxy” from Silver Spring Maryland

I think of you often when I am walking Roxy and telling her to heel and sit. She just turned three years old on Monday. Hard to believe. She has settled down and has become an awesome dog. Thought you would enjoy these pictures. When it’s not too hot she goes out in...

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Gina and “Maggie” from Manchester Maryland

I am so happy with my experience with Linda at Lionheart K9. I was so nervous that I was going to have to give up my 5 year old pitbull/boxer mix, due to her separation anxiety and overall lack of obedience in all situations. Maggie(our pup) was anxious about other...

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Doty and “Bear” from Baltimore Maryland

Linda is the best! We have been taking our St. Bernard to Linda for several years. She has taught me so much about how to train Bear so that he can be a wonderful member of our family. I was skeptical at first but have become a believer that e-collars are a positive...

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Dana and “Tobi” from southern Maryland

I am an extremely happy, well educated, well informed and much better off owner of a 150lb South African Boerboel AND a 6lb Pomeranian thanks to Linda Kaim and Lionheart K9. I have had a good friend in VA for over 20 years that trains canines utilizing ecollars and...

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Nancy and “Crash” of Carroll County Maryland

Linda, Today, on my morning walk with Crash, I thought of you as I often do during my training walks. He was in a perfect heel at my side. The leash was hanging below my left knee, and my thumb was through the loop. I called Crash front. He sat before me with a...

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Stephanie and “Romeo” from Delaware

Hi there.  Tonight my daughter and I were talking about all the ways Romeo has changed and since it happened slowly, I hadn’t really thought about how far he has come until now and thought I’d give you an update.  It’s been a lot of hard work and exhausting at times,...

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