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Private Dog Training

We train dogs. We EMPOWER owners!

Our Private Dog Training program is developed for the self-motivated owner that can budget time and has the desire to train their dog themselves. We simply supply the professional instruction that assures success…

You want your dog to be the well-trained companion you envisioned when you got him, not a chore that must be endured.

We provide you with the means to accomplish your goals, so your dog learns how to behave, including around competing distractions in the real world. YOUR world. Develop confidence and peace of mind knowing you can control your dog any time, anywhere, under any circumstance.

We provide you with one-on-one instruction at our location, where we can create and control distractions so productive learning and continual improvement occurs. Our premier private dog training program will help you develop a solid, cooperative relationship with your dog!

This training is offered to owners of dogs of any age over 5 months.

Some of the things you will be teaching your dog are:

  • how to walk politely without pulling or running off
  • to retreat to specific location and remain there until released
  • to sit, lie down and stay
  • to come to you when you call!
  • how to eliminate annoying behaviors like jumping, mouthing and barking.
  • to relax on cue, so you don’t have to constantly monitor his behavior, or confine him when guests arrive.

Additional benefits include:

  • Step-by-step training instruction including written instructions and video
  • Unlimited support and follow up via email, phone or text throughout training and beyond
  • Professional quality equipment is provided for you, so there is no “guesswork” about what to buy.

Our private dog training program is designed for your success. We offer weekly lessons for participants, including on-line coaching, so owners make progress even if they have to work with us remotely! Enjoy the benefit of a personalized experience and private instruction, with the assurance of having support even when you can’t make it to class. 

Our Premier Private Dog Training program includes the following: ten lessons, training equipment, access to our online training portal and unlimited support. Owners are instructed how to train the dog to a reliable performance both on and off leash. Equipment is included, as well as additional support as needed after training, via email, telephone or continued private lessons, and access to any of our quarterly scheduled group classes, for no additional charge.

This is a program dependent on owner commitment to achieve success. We guarantee that what we teach does work, but it is up to the individual to apply what they have learned, and be consistent in their efforts.

An in person evaluation determines eligibility. Evaluations are important because participants are provided with valuable information they can use immediately. If you don’t wish to travel to our location in Halethorpe, our On-Line Coaching program is available for owners who posses the time and the discipline to learn how to train their own dog. If you do not feel that you can commit the dedication to complete this training program, our dog obedience boot camp is always an option.

This is not an exhaustive list of our private dog training benefits and features. We are able to provide many options and encourage you to contact us for our current list of options, what they offer, as well as additional incentives.

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Private Dog Training-Training for Dogs, Empowerment for Owners

Learn to handle your dog effectively regardless of distractions!
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