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Jump Start Boot Camp

Dog Training in Maryland

Obedient dogs make happy owners

Our private dog training classes assures the complete focus is on you, throughout the training program. We provide training with professional guidance to help you learn to relax and enjoy your dog instead of being afraid he may over-react and you won’t be able to control him! We teach you how to teach your dog to ignore distractions in any circumstance while on-leash and to control problem behaviors like pulling or lunging on walks. You be able to take your dog anywhere and learn how to stop your dog from bolting through doorways, mauling guests or destroying your property!

“Love” your dog, but don’t “like” him very much? Want a dog that all your neighbors admire instead of complain about? Is your dog a day-care drop-out or has he been booted out of group class? We can help you teach your dog to

  • ignore other dogs or distractions
  • stop pulling you on walks
  • wait patiently in a sit or down stay
  • Pay attention to you
  • come when called
  • stop barking 
  • stop running the fence in the back yard and much more!

Do you have the availability to dedicate a few hours a week to your best friend? Are you the owner of a dog who:

  • won’t come when called?
  • destroys your possessions?
  • is unruly on-leash?
  • is rude to visitors?
  • aggressive to other dogs?

Starting at 125.00 per weekly lesson. A 20% discount will be applied to any pre-paid program

“So often, people touch our lives, and they never know what effect they have. Our work with you started us on a road to consistent communication, to honest effort and evaluation, to raising expectations and leaving excuses behind, and to the satisfaction that comes from authentic progress. Crash will probably always have a long way to go, and I will always have a lot to learn. I hope we live a very long time together as I cherish my path across the planet with him.”


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July 14, 2017