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Fresh Start Obedience Boot Camps

Dog begging for food

Our 4 week Fresh Start Dog Obedience Boot Camps can teach your dog to be less like “Marley” and more like “Lassie”! Your dog is capable of “model citizen” behavior and just think of how great it would be to have a dog that respects you and responds to you, instead of ignoring you. Rather than having friends and family avoid you, amaze them with how well your dog behaves, even around tempting distractions.

Your dog will be introduced to up to over 10 essential skills! Everything to help your dog become trouble-free!

  • walking politely on leash, and begin the foundation for off leash learning
  • to come when called, even around distractions
  • Sit, lay down and stay until released
  • to stand and stay for bathing, grooming or veterinary examinations
  • retreat on command to a specific location and remain there until released
  • to keep his feet off of your counters, guests, or you! (“Off!”)
  • to drop your shoes, pillows or other objects on command
  • to ignore other dogs, kids on bikes or other distractions (“Leave it!”)
  • to wait politely at doorways (“Wait!”)
  • to stop barking (“Quiet!”)

Some of the many additional bonuses our Fresh Start program offer:

  • Three private instruction sessions during your dogs’ training
  • Unlimited private lessons at no additional charge after training and access to additional features of our DogSpot location at discounted rates
  • Instructional documentation of our training, including tutorials that cover all of the important things every dog needs to learn, so you can review and maintain your dog’s training effortlessly.
  • Unlimited support and follow up, via email, phone contact or SKYPE for as long as needed
  • Starting at $2750.00

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July 14, 2017