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Dog Day Care and Training Camp

Dog Day Care and Training Camp located in Westminster Maryland

The Maryland Dog Spot’s Dog Training, Enrichment and Fitness Center offers unprecedented care by a nationally recognized pioneer in the dog training industry. Instead of your dog being left in large, poorly supervised groups with inadequately trained staff, we only allow a few compatible dogs together at a time to assure the safety and welfare of everyone. Think of it as dinner theater instead of a soccer match!

Where other places deal in volume, we deal in the exclusivity of our care and the expertise of our staff. We pride ourselves in being able to offer similar benefits that one would expect with a private education at a school for human children. Our low student to instructor ratio provides for unparalleled quality in education, at our secure and carefully supervised facility.

It takes more than a “love of dogs” when your dog is involved. We focus on enriching activities and traininginstead of allowing your pet to run around like a scene from Lord of the Flies or spend monotonous hours without the benefit of human direction or interaction.

Our dog enrichment program is unique, and we are ecstatic to be referred by veterinarians from not only Carroll County, but Baltimore County, Frederick County and Howard County as well!

We are unique to the area by offering accommodations to dogs who may not be a good fit for traditional day care environments. You can be confident that your dog will be safe in our care, while being directed through several enriching activities like recreational agility, manners training, structured social interactions with other dogs, and other individual activities throughout the day with our professional staff.

What makes this option an improvement over any other area dog day care is obvious! Not only does your dog get to run and play in our secure indoor training area, but she will get the benefit of learning her manners with hands-on teaching from our staff of experienced professional dog trainers.

Our Maryland DogSpot Dog Training, Enrichment and Fitness Center is the perfect solution for the owner who expects the very best training and care for their beloved pet, but doesn’t feel comfortable with leaving them anywhere overnight.

This is a great opportunity for your pup to enjoy the benefits of social interaction with other dogs safely, under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff, instead of being let loose to entertain themselves without direction or supervision.

This program is unique to the Carroll County area and complements over 40 years of professional service by Linda Kaim of Lionheart K9.

In as little as 4 weeks, you can transform your precocious pup into an obedient pet that you will be proud to show off anywhere!

Starting at $990.00 for 4 weeks. Program duration and cost is determined by your in-person evaluation. Weekly participation is 5 days a week, for a minimum commitment 4 weeks.a


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July 24, 2017