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Workshops and Seminars


Ohio Puppy Primer attendees at Club K9 in Wickliffe, Ohio and Linda Kaim

These dog training seminars are open to everyone who wants to assure positive experiences for the puppies in their care.

There are huge bodies of research on canine behavior and development that date back decades. Science has shown us that starting puppies early is not only possible, but it yields amazing resilience and memory, which is most beneficial for preparing young dogs for lives with humans. For years, people have been encouraged to avoid working with puppies under the age of 6 months because it is believed that they are at risk for communicable diseases like rabies and distemper, even though that risk can be mitigated with an appropriate schedule of immunity and good management.

This seminar will cover debunking the myths that surround puppies, what they are capable of learning and when best to teach it. Several of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Raising puppies in a YES world
  • STARTING right and STAYING right
  • The art of Discovery Learning
  • Social Attraction: What it is, and how to use it
  • The learning periods that all puppies “grow” through and how to use them to maximize positive association and durable memory
  • What equipment is appropriate and when to employ it and much, much more!

Linda will also discuss “Resetting for Success”, a primer on puppies that have had the ‘Wrong Start’.

Not every puppy we meet has benefited from the “right start” and frequently suffer from the deficits of social deprivation from dam and litter, neglect, or institutionalization. Linda has developed strategies for dealing with disadvantaged pups, exploiting the principles of growth and learning that ALL puppies share, regardless of where they came from.

Learn how to create strategies to safeguard your pup’s health in social settings, and how to stay involved proactively with your pups to insure successful, problem-free relationships.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Linda or call us at 410-857-0555

WHO should come:

Professional trainers, shelter workers, fosters who handle pregnant females, whole litters, or abandoned pups too young to be separated from their dam and litter mates, breeders,  and new puppy owners.

WHY they should come:

Professional Trainers: Trainers have been told for decades that training shouldn’t start until a pup is 6 months to a year old. What science has discovered is that waiting so long can be detrimental to learning, not beneficial.  Learn how to help owners structure their pup’s early education in a beneficial way to help develop excellent manners and durable memory! With the current trend to adopt instead of purchase from a responsibe breeder, as trainers we often see puppies that are disadvantaged and pose problems outside of “normal” puppy behavior. Learn how to ‘Reset for Success” those pups that had less than ideal starts, and understand how to best cope with problem puppy behavior.

Shelter workers and fosters: Dogs born in shelters are often separated from their litters too early, or are dumped prior to the maximum age preferred for optimal emotional development. Such puppies endure trauma and are often problem dogs later in life. Learn some simple to implement strategies to minimize trauma and inhibited learning that can be instituted simply and with no or very little additional operational costs. Learn the best ways to keep those pups in permanent homes, by educating owners how to avoid problems that send pups back to the shelter and a part of an institutional problem for much of their lives; Separation Anxiety and Housebreaking the shelter pup will be specifically addressed.

Breeders: Think a caring, nurturing home is enough? Behavior research has gone “Back to the Future” with early neural imprinting based on the experiments conducted by Scott and Fuller during the Cold War era. Learn how to help “inoculate” your litters to stress, and create a rich learning environment that prepares puppies for homes. Learn to look for patterns in behavior as your pups achieve each behavior benchmark, and learn the tactics to help every pup become bold and curious.

Owners: Confounded by all of the conflicting information you have heard from your breeder, vet, trainer, groomer, friend, family member? Want to just tell them all to SHUT UP? Learn what it takes to START RIGHT, and STAY RIGHT with your pup, from the day you bring him home, until his first birthday and beyond. Puppies don’t come with manuals, but they sure create a lot of opinions! Get the skinny on what to do, how to do it, and when is the best time to start.