Nutritionally inappropriate foods for dogs


Factory farmed birds ending up in your pets meals?

Nature's finest?

In lieu of the recent recall of a ‘premier’ food I was curious as to who and or what was so special about this new contender, FreshPet Selects.

Their corporate website is suspiciously devoid of information about officers, locations, science even. It is filled however with the usual tripe designed to lure folks into the trap of feeling good about their choices regarding their pets. Lots of generalizations couched with much of the same obligatory clap-trap that the advertising gurus over at Blue Buffalo came up with.

A brief google search turned up few facts of ubiquitous merit, mostly from a rather hurried, incomplete wiki entry about their age, their corporate headquarters and where the food is actually manufactured.

Their own website is not forthcoming about where they are located, how long they have been in business and the nature of the pet food ‘professionals’ involved with the R&D of these products.

Their link to the prepared foods being directly marketed to veterinarians is eerily familiar and not in a good sort of way.

My suspicion naturally aroused, a little while later I stumbled upon this tasty morsel, perennial abusers victims of their own recall in August of this year and a litany of recalls that predate the last decade.

I stopped looking after about the fourth page of google.

Proceed at your own peril…

In parting, I will leave you with this. Which made me laugh, in a demented, hysterical sort of way, considering their decades long list of offenses, including this one, in the late winter if this year.


I mean really, who’s shittin’ who?

And I’m gonna feed my dog this stuff?