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Jump Start Obedience Boot Camp

Private, one-on-one Dog Obedience Training in Carroll County Maryland

Our popular 2 week Jump Start Dog Obedience Boot Camp is a great choice for dogs that need a jump-start on solving some annoying habits like jumping, pulling, chewing, begging, nipping, and playing too roughly. This is a great program for folks who need some help with getting their dog under better control. You will be amazed at the difference in your dog after only two weeks! Imagine being able to enjoy more with your dog, instead of dreading having to fight with him on walks, chase him when he runs away, or wrestling your best pair of shoes away from him before they get ruined!

We will teach your dog 8 essential life skills to make him a more cooperative and pleasant companion:

  • walk without pulling on the leash
  • to sit
  • lie down
  • stay
  • to come to you when you call him, in your home or yard
  • “Off!” to keep his paws to himself and not on your counters, yourself, your family or your guests
  • To learn cooperative play and release his toys (or other objects) without having to chase him or struggle with him to get the item back
  • “Leave it!” to ignore things he can’t or shouldn’t have, like the expensive Crown Roast you have planned for your dinner party, or other forbidden objects, even other animals

You and your dog will also receive:

  • Two private sessions during your dogs’ training
  • Unlimited private lessons at no additional charge after training
  • Instructional documentation of our training, including video and written tutorials that cover all of the important things every dog needs to learn, so you can review and maintain your dog’s training effortlessly.
  • Unlimited support and follow up, via email, phone contact or SKYPE for as long as needed
  • Starting at $1795.00

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July 14, 2017