Ruth and “Sadie” from Baltimore Maryland - Lionheart K9 - Dog and Puppy Training in Carroll, Frederick and Baltimore Counties in Maryland

Years ago, I had a young, very headstrong Boxer with an inclination to “bully” other dogs. I joined a group class with Linda, which included other dogs with similar issues. What a GREAT experience!!!! The classes felt casual & friendly, but the training was happening!!! The class had 6 dogs, including 2 Boxers, a Pit Bull mix, and a German Shepard. Linda’s training of the dogs (and the owners) was so incredible, we had them all off-leash, in close proximity to each other before the program was over, without incident. My Boxer had previously nipped at a dog while on a leash at PetSmart, and bit a Sheltie hard enough to draw blood. I would never have trusted my dog off leash around other dogs if it had not been for Linda’s training. I can never thank her enough!!!!!!!