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Dog Obedience Boot Camp–Because results matter!

What is a dog obedience boot camp?
Dog Obedience Boot Camp grad African Boerboel

You consider your dog as part of the family, but his annoying behavior reminds you of that drunk uncle that crashes the holidays every year and makes a scene. 

On top of that, what little time you do posses is allocated for more leisurely pursuits, not wrestling with your dog.

Our Dog Obedience Boot Camp could be the solution.

Your dog is a disaster. You do love him, but he’s making your life difficult!

  • you are embarrassed to take your dog on walks because he tugs like a freight train
  • you don’t get a lot of guests to come over because your dog is constantly jumping on them or mouthing them
  • your dog has been kicked out of day care because of his behavior
  • you have sought training in the past, and yet your dog is still difficult to live with
  • your spouse hates the dog and your kids are afraid of him

Our Dog Obedience Boot Camp offers the comforts of home while your dog learns!

We provide effective, durable, humane training that makes that 4 legged nightmare into the best companion you ever had.

We don’t house your dog in a kennel, either. They live in our home as a guest, with concierge 24/7 supervision, on-call veterinary care, opportunities to interact with appropriately behaved dogs, travel in secure accommodations, under the banner of appropriate licensing and insurance.

Our Dog Obedience Boot Camp program is a great choice for dogs that need a boost on solving some annoying habits like jumping, pulling, chewing, begging, and playing too roughly. You will be amazed at the difference in your dog after completing this training! Imagine being able to enjoy more activities with your dog, instead of dreading having to wrestle him off your guests, scold him for jumping on the kids, or getting your best pair of shoes away from him before they get ruined!

You can enjoy a more cooperative and pleasant companion:

• that you can walk in your neighborhood without drama!

• that waits at doors without running into the street!

• that keeps his paws and mouth to himself!

• that doesn’t “herd” the kids!

• that leaves your stuff alone!

We also include private training for owners, to help with that transition back to the home environment. We don’t stop there, either. We provide follow up and additional lessons for owners for as long as they need. Dogs are not robots, so it is important that owners follow through to get the full benefit of the training we have done. We provide every thing owners need to understand and appreciate their dogs training, including equipment, video and email support, and private lessons with no additional fees. A lifetime of experience and genuine support.

If your dog is old enough to  practice his unruly behavior for any length of time, it will take time to overcome that. We do not believe in “quick fixes” and have found that the reason our program is more successful than programs offered by others, is because our training addresses each dog’s lack of obedience, not just his naughty behavior. We use obedience to control behavior. That way owners can prevent it from happening to begin with.

Our minimum dog obedience boot camp for dogs of any age is 3 weeks. We address basic manners and inappropriate social behaviors.

We introduce the basic obedience commands and exorcise those behavioral gremlins and provide a minimum of 4 private lessons for owners so they can continue to practice and maintain the training we provided. Equipment is included, as well as additional support required after training, via email, telephone or continued private lessons, at no additional cost.

This program is for adolescent dogs who need a leg up on basic manners, not a behavioral overhaul. Dogs showing aggression towards humans or other animals are not eligible for the dog obedience boot camp.

An in-person evaluation determines eligibility for our dog obedience boot camp program. If your dog isn’t a great candidate for our dog obedience boot camp, our private dog training or On-Line Coaching program is available for owners who posses the time and the desire to learn how to train their own dog.

This is not an exhaustive list of our dog boot camp benefits and features. We are able to provide many options and encourage you to contact us for our current list of options, what they offer, as well as additional incentives.

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