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Each of our Boarding and Training programs include additional private one-on-one instruction. Depending on the length of the program, this instruction includes a minimum of two mid-training sessions (at the end each week of the program), a 90 minute go-home lesson (at the conclusion of the program) and two one-hour follow-up sessions to be scheduled at the owner’s and trainer’s discretion. All private lessons will be conducted at our Finksburg location unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by your dog’s trainer and you.

Scroll down for additional information including starting prices. Program duration can be anywhere from 14 days to 6 weeks, depending on owner goals. 

Enroll your dog in any one of our Dog Obedience Boot Camps for a better pet in as few as 14 days! If you are planning a vacation, have travel plans or are too busy to be a part of the training, we can help you reach your goals in less time than you think!

With our Boarding and Training programs, your dog’s training will be overseen by our training director, Linda Kaim, and additional work will be conducted by other members of our training staff.

Your dog will be housed securely in our home, under 24/7 supervision. We are appropriately licensed through Carroll County Animal Control, and responsibly insured through The Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

These programs are designed for owners who want their dogs to behave appropriately under any circumstance, including in public, under distraction, or just at your own home, around the kids, guests or service providers that may need to enter your property.

Dogs enrolled in our Boarding and Training programs will learn the following:

  • Walking politely on a leash without pulling, lunging, scavenging, or reacting to dogs, wildlife, people, traffic or other distractions.
  • To return to the handler when called, reliably, even through distractions
  • To retreat to a specific location and remain there until released
  • Sit
  • Down
  • To drop objects on command.
  • To ignore objects/distractions
  • To not jump on things or people
  • To cope with the presence of other dogs without complaint or protest.
  • To remain quiet on command and much, MUCH more!


  • Our 3 week Fresh Start Dog Obedience Boot Camps can teach your dog to be less like “Marley” and more like “Lassie”! Your dog is capable of “model citizen” behavior and just think of how great it would be to have a dog that respects you and responds to you, instead of ignoring you. Rather than having friends and family avoid you, amaze them with how well your dog behaves, even around tempting distractions.

  • Your dog will be introduced to over 10 essential skills! 
  • Everything to help your dog become trouble-free!
  • • walking politely on leash
  • • to come when called
  • • Sit, lay down and stay until released
  • • to stand and stay
  • • to “Go Lay Down!”
  • • (“Off!”) to keep his feet on the ground
  • • (“Out!”) to drop objects on command
  • • (“Leave it!”) to ignore distractions
  • • (“Wait!”) to wait politely at doorways
  • • (“Quiet!”) to stop barking
  • Some of the many additional bonuses our Fresh Start program offer:
  • • Three private sessions during training
  • • Two private lessons after training
  • Instructional documentation of our training, including tutorials that cover all of the important things every dog needs to learn, so you can review and maintain your dog’s training effortlessly.
  • Support and follow up, via email, phone contact or SKYPE, access to additional group or semi-private training at discounted rates. 
  • •  Starting at $2495.00
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  • Our popular 2 week Jump Start Dog Obedience Boot Camp is a great choice for dogs that need a jump-start on solving some annoying habits like jumping, pulling, chewing, begging, nipping, and playing too roughly. This is a great program for folks who need some help with getting their dog under better control. You will be amazed at the difference in your dog after only two weeks! Imagine being able to enjoy more with your dog, instead of dreading having to fight with him on walks, chase him when he runs away, or wrestling your best pair of shoes away from him before they get ruined!
  • We will teach your dog essential life skills to make him a more cooperative and pleasant companion:
  • • walk without pulling on the leash
  • • to sit
  • • lie down
  • • stay
  • • to wait politely at doorways
  • • to keep his paws to himself
  • • to drop objects on command
  • • “Leave it!” to ignore things
  • You and your dog will also receive:
  • • Two private sessions during training
  • • One private lesson after training
  • • Instructional documentation that cover all of the important things every dog needs to learn, so you can review and maintain your dog’s training effortlessly.
  • Support and follow up, via email or phone contact for a full year
  • •  Starting at $1795.00
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