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Dog Obedience Boot Camps–Because results matter!

No “bunk”, no “junk”. We deal in solutions.

We only offer two boarding and training programs because quite honestly, there are really only two types of dogs:

Dogs that just need a little guidance, some consistency, and a leg up on the social demands of living in a human word,


Dogs who may have experienced some behavioral ‘setbacks’, struggle with confidence, have ‘issues’ beyond the patience or understanding of their owners, and are on the verge of some serious behavioral breakdowns.

You acquired your dog to enjoy him or her. You didn’t bargain for the problems that have developed or that you inherited along the way:

  • you are ashamed to take your dog on walks because he tugs like a freight train
  • your kids’ friends’ parents won’t let them come over because your dog is constantly jumping on them or mouthing them
  • your dog has been kicked out of day care for “aggression”
  • you have sought training in the past, and yet your dog is still unmanageable
  • your spouse and family avoid the dog because he is just annoying to be around

Countless dozens of reasons to seek training, but wouldn’t it be nice to only have to train your dog ONCE? Like, find somebody who can walk you through the minefield of what passes itself as dog training and actually get RESULTS?

We may not have been your first choice, but we will be your best choice, with effective, durable, humane training that makes that 4 legged nightmare into a dream dog.

We don’t house your dog in a kennel, either. They live in our home as a guest, with concierge 24/7 care, on-call veterinary care, opportunities to interact with appropriately behaved dogs, travel in secure accommodations, under the banner of appropriate licensing and insurance.

Our facility is lawfully registered through Carroll County Animal Control, and responsibly insured through The Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

EXCEL-erated Learning

Transform your out of control K9!
  • Our EXCEL-erated LEARNING Dog Obedience Boarding and Training program is a great choice for dogs that need a boost on solving some annoying habits like jumping, pulling, chewing, begging, and playing too roughly. You will be amazed at the difference in your dog after this training! Imagine being able to enjoy more activities with your dog, instead of dreading having to wrestle him off your guests, scold him for jumping on the kids, or getting your best pair of shoes away from him before they get ruined!
  • This is for dogs who need a leg up on basic manners, not a behavioral overhaul.
  • You can enjoy a more cooperative and pleasant companion:
  • • that you can walk in your neighborhood without drama!
  • • that stays put, when you say so!
  • • that waits at doors without running into the street!
  • • that keeps his paws and mouth to himself!
  • • that will let go of things he shouldn’t have!
  • And more
  • Some of the additional things our EXCEL-erated LEARNING program offers at no additional charge are:
  • • 3 private lessons for owners
  • • Instructional Documentation of the training (including access to instructional videos and written material at no additional charge- the materials and video access are yours to keep forever)
  • Reservation required. Call for availability!

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Your dog is a guest in our home, with 24/7 supervision and care
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