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Dog Obedience Boot Camps–Results in 21 days or less!

Our dog obedience boot camps are chosen by discriminating owners who want to enjoy an active lifestyle with their dog and experience a lifetime of problem-free dog ownership. If you are looking for your dog to be a problem free, perfect pet, these exclusive programs offer conflict free, effective and durable results!

It is our priority to help you understand precisely what to do, once your dog is returned to you! We offer a series of continuing education options and self-guided tutorials designed to assist each owner during the transitional phase and help maintain that training throughout the dogs life.

Here are a few of the things that are standard with enrollment in any of our dog obedience boot camps:

  • Your dog resides in a home, not a kennel
  • 24/7 around-the-clock care and supervision by carefully trained, professional staff
  • Opportunities to interact with other behaviorally appropriate dogs in a secured and controlled environment
  • Consierge veterinarian available for routine care if needed
  • Consierge grooming if requested
  • Training in an “immersion” environment, not just a couple minutes, a couple times a day, but EVERY DAY
  • Handled by multiple people EVERY DAY
  • Opportunities for off-leash play, EVERY DAY
  • Daily travel in a appropriately insured, secured, climate controlled vehicle, outfitted for your dogs safety and comfort
  • Appropriate nutrition and exercise for weight management and much, MUCH more!
  • We are appropriately licensed through Carroll County Animal Control, and responsibly insured through The Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Program Enrollment length is determined by an in-person evaluation. The evaluation fee (75.00) will be attributed to any program paid *in full* on the day of the evaluation.


  • Our popular 2 week Jump Start Dog Obedience Boot Camp is a great choice for dogs that just need a little boost on solving some annoying habits like jumping, pulling, chewing, begging, and playing too roughly. You will be amazed at the difference in your dog after only two weeks! Imagine being able to enjoy more activities with your dog, instead of dreading having to fight with him on walks, chase him when he runs away, or wrestling your best pair of shoes away from him before they get ruined!
  • We will teach your dog essential life skills to make him a more cooperative and pleasant companion:
  • • walk without pulling on the leash
  • • to sit, lie down and stay
  • • to wait politely at doorways
  • • to keep his paws and mouth to himself
  • • to drop objects on command
  • • to ignore distractions
  • You and your dog will also be entitled to:
  • Access to weekly group classes held for current students and alumni to practice handling skills in a demanding environment, so you can continue to refine the obedience your dog has been introduced to.
  • • Instructional Documentation that covers all of the skills your dog has been introduced to, including access to video tutorials, and Continuing Education opportunities at reduced cost.
  • Call for availability, enrollment is limited!

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