Maryland Jump Start Dog Training Camp

Jump Start Dog Training Camp

Help your dog get a Jump Start with our 21 day dog training camp 

Just 3 weeks to a better companion!

The Jump Start Dog Training Camp for dogs is designed to give your dog the skills necessary to stay under control and out of the dog house! We introduce your dog to the essential obedience commands of walking politely on leash, sit and down/stay, to come when called and retreat to a designated place and remain there until released. At the end of our training, your dog will respond readily and willingly to your commands.

Won’t it be nice to be able to walk through the neighborhood and not worry about your dogs’ behavior around other dogs, people or distractions?

We address common behavior ‘hiccups’ like jumping on guests, counter surfing and unruly behavior as well as more difficult behaviors like running away, stealing and more.

You will get a dog that listens to you, whether you are walking in the neighborhood or enjoying a quiet evening at home with guests. Just imagine no more pulling, jumping, mouthing or counter surfing!

Your dog will reside in our home for the duration of their stay, and be handled daily by our professional staff. Your dog will enjoy many opportunities for free-play with humans and other dogs in a home environment, where we provide around the clock supervision.

During your follow-up lessons, we show you how to handle your dog correctly on the equipment he will go home with, to ensure an easy transition back to your home. We specialize in providing you with the knowledge and confidence to control your dog in any situation. You will also receive a detailed tutorial of all the skills your dog has been introduced to during training that is yours to use as a reference, as well as additional support, after training has been completed.

Your dog will learn:

  • “Off!” to keep his paws to himself and not on your counters, yourself and your family or your guests
  • “Drop it!” to learn cooperative play and release his toys (or other objects) without having to chase him or struggle with him to get the item back
  • “Leave it!” to ignore things he can’t or shouldn’t have, like the expensive Crown Roast you have planned for your dinner party, or other forbidden objects, even other animals
  • “Wait!” patiently at doorways, stairs and in or out of cars to prevent risk of accidents or your dog possibly running away
After Linda’s “boot camp for dogs” Sam was a whole new dog. NOT scared rather able to enjoy being outside off leash, no more bolting out the door, and just a much more well behaved dog. Everyone in the family, Sam included, is so much more content. Thanks Linda! You were a life saver (literally!).

Have your dog learn to “stay” while you’re away!