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Crate training your puppy is essential. A prevailing complaint from dog owners is their dog’s behavior when released from its crate to freedom.

Interestingly enough, one of the topics at the last three working dog seminars I have attended so far this season is the owner’s inability to identify and control when that arousal starts. Well, it starts with controlling that arousal before ever allowing your dog to leave it’s place of confinement.

The ‘basics’ come in only one form; help your dog identify how to remain calm, even in the face of compelling distractions. Even game. BY not accidentally reinforcing for arousal behavior (releasing the dog while it is in a heightened state of excitement, or constantly trying to ‘engage’ the dog in meaningless activity), you teach the dog self control.

Working dogs require a considerable amount of focus and stamina to go after the bird, the bad guy, the deep sea swim for the shot duck, rounding up and driving the livestock, finding the contraband, etc.
It simply won’t do if the dog has already maxed out its energy in anticipation of those things or worrying about access to those things.

In the companion dog home, folks don’t want that over-the-top arousal. They want calm, relaxed behavior, in the home, and out in the world.

The goals are the same – focus, cooperation, obedience.

There is no additional cost to going slow and helping the dog achieve what it was going to get, anyway. Just by slowing down the process and marking benchmarks with quicker access to the thing the dog desires makes the majik happen so much faster.

It’s simple. Demand exit, remain confined. Settle faster, experience freedom faster.

I am not a fan of explosive exits. We experience a lot of dogs that have crate phobias and 100% of it is owner facilitated.

Crate training is more than not being a nuisance while in the crate, it also includes being willing to enter, and polite on exit. The way a dog behaves while in the crate is a great indicator of how he will exit, when given the opportunity.

Start early stay as long as it takes.

Provide options.

Guide choices.

Control outcomes.

Reap the benefits of crate training now, before your dog is 130 pounds and blows through the crate door on his way to knocking over your 90 year old grandma.

If you struggle with your dog’s over-abundance of energy, we can help. We offer private training, boarding and training, and behavior counseling. Drop me a message for additional information.

Crate Training Your Puppy
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Crate Training Your Puppy
Crate training is essential. A prevailing complaint from dog owners is their dog's behavior when released from its crate to freedom.
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