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Dana and “Tobi” from southern Maryland

I am an extremely happy, well educated, well informed and much better off owner of a 150lb South African Boerboel AND a 6lb Pomeranian thanks to Linda Kaim and Lionheart K9. I have had a good friend in VA for over 20 years that trains canines utilizing ecollars and even though I did not fear the use of them, I was hesitant to try it on my own puppy. However, it has become a daily part of my life and the funny part is now I rarely even have to use it. Why is that? Well, I believe it is due strictly to the proper education of how/when to use it and using it correctly! I left my 4 month old Boerboel with Linda for 30 days because after much research I thought she would be the best option to train my pup giving him a family type and in home training plan. I was able to also get included with the training each week to not only see my Boerboel’s progress but get trained with him. He and my Pomeranian who also got involved with Linda and my Boerboel Tobi for training together are two of the happiest dogs I have ever owned. The Boerboel is actually much better behaved then the Pomeranian and that is thanks to Linda training Tobi and me with the ecollar. I feel secure taking a dog that could easily drag me across a field knowing that “if he wanted” to get mischivious and happened to get too excited to focus on my commands that the ecollar is there in place and does get his attention and without pain. I explain it to people it is simply like giving a good tug on his leash but quicker and better that I can being smaller than my dog. He is not afraid of the collar. He gets excited and happy when we get up in the morning and pull the collars and leashes out and sits eagerly but patiently for me to put his gear on. He loves it! He knows that he gets to hang out with me “off leash” and I have no fear of him taking off or not listening because he has been properly ecollar trained! I would and have recommended Linda and Lionheart K9 to anyone I speak to with a dog! Dana Noe-Sadler Owner of Notorious Tobias aka Tobi (and Teba Faith) of Notorious Boerboels


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July 13, 2017

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