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Dog and Puppy Training

in Westminster Maryland

Help Your Chaotic K9

Become The Perfect Pup!


Here are some of the more common problems our Westminster Maryland Dog Training clients have needed help with!

  • Chronic barking

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Growling or snapping

  • Running through doors

  • Fearful Behavior

  • Housebreaking

  • Chronic Chewing

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Jumping

  • “Humping”

  • Counter Surfing

  • Running Away

  • Begging

  • Resource Guarding

  • “Nipping” or Biting

Every dog is different! Customize a training program to fit your goals!

Since every dog is different, we can create programs that reflect your dog’s emotional and mental needs. Knowing individual breed differences and behaviors that are influenced by age and early influences sets Lionheart K9’s programs apart from other trainers, based on over 50 years of experience, practice and study.

Dog and Puppy Training Westminster Maryland

Dog and Puppy Training in Westminster Maryland

Meet in person with Linda to focus on the behaviors that matter the most to you and your dogs’ well-being. In-home private dog training lessons in Westminster Maryland assure individual attention on you and your dog. We teach essential skills to dogs and puppies that helps them succeed in your home!

Our Private lesson programs are designed for dogs of all ages and really benefit folks that wish to have a hands-on learning experience.

Dog Boarding and training in westminster maryland

Dog Boarding and Training

Our dog boarding and training camp provides 24-hour concierge care. To ensure a personalized experience and top-quality care, we limit the number of dogs we have in training at any one time.

Your dog will visit training sites across Carroll, Baltimore, and Frederick Counties, meeting new people and working in new environments.

Your dog’s well-being is our #1 priority, which is reflected in our many 5-star reviews, showcasing our commitment to their care!

Westminster Maryland's only NADOI certified dog training

Experience – Professionalism – Results

There is no problem too big or too small for Westminster Maryland’s only N.A.D.O.I. certified professional dog trainer. Let us transform your dog from chaotic K9 to mannerly mutt!

Get proven results from the oldest established professional dog trainer in Westminster Maryland.

We believe in what we do, and we work every day to prove it. If your dog isn’t improving, it’s time to find better solutions to your dog’s behavior problems.

Westminster Maryland’s Most Experienced Dog Training

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Carroll County’s Only N.A.D.O.I. Certified Dog Trainer

Linda is a certified member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, the oldest organization of its kind in the world.The Nation's Oldest Dog Training Organization, The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

Membership in this organization is not guaranteed, as each applicant undergoes a rigorous evaluation to assess their competence in dog training and their ability to effectively instruct others.

As Westminster Maryland’s only N.A.D.O.I. certified member, Linda is dedicated to helping owners create happy and willing companions that are a pleasure to own. Through the use of proven methods, she can humanely and permanently help owners change their dog’s behavior, allowing them to truly enjoy their dogs and include them as true companions in activities that others can only dream of.

Linda’s expertise in working with puppies and young dogs has gained her international recognition, and she remains committed to studying how dogs learn and maximizing their potential.

We are committed to your progress

Linda Kaim has been actively involved with dogs since 1972,  and subsequently has handled thousands of dogs in a variety of disciplines, including upland bird dogs, retrievers, and AKC Obedience and Conformation handling. There isn’t a dog behavior problem that she hasn’t been able to remedy with common sense and an effective training plan!

Lionheart K9 Offers Dog and Puppy Training for Westminster Maryland residents

Westminster Maryland's most experienced dog training

It’s never too late to teach your dog how to be calm around distractions…

Westminster Maryland has 13 restaurants that welcome dogs. What better way to showcase your hard work by showing off your best friend at the Pub Dog Pizza and DraftHouse on RT 31 , or for a stroll downtown on your way to O’Lordan’s? The biggest compliment we get from owners is they’re so excited to take their dog with them when they go out! You can get the same results!



Tired of getting complaints? Start getting compliments!

Help your dog become the best dog ever

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have guests without your dog being a nuisance? Wouldn’t you like to take your dog anywhere and not worry about his behavior around other animals or people? We can help you achieve better behavior from your dog than you ever thought possible!

  • No More Pulling On Walks
  • No More Destructive Behavior
  • No More Jumping On Furniture
  • No More Stealing
  • No More Molesting Your Guests, Kids Or Spouse
  • No More Barking
  • No More Messes In The House
  • No More Door Dashing
  • No More Anxiety
  • No More Running Away
  • No More Resource Guarding
  • No More Begging
  • No More Counter Surfing

Westminster Maryland’s Leading Dog and Puppy Training Expert

Learn what to do and how to do it the first time, from the only N.A.D.O.I. certified dog trainer in Westminster.

Take the guesswork out of what to do between lessons with our industry leading support and feedback.

Improve your dog’s behavior through our clear, transparent training instruction and support material.

Read what your Westminster Maryland neighbors have to say about their experience!

Gretchen C. writes:

I am so grateful to Linda and Lionheart K9 for the work she/they did with my Australian Shepherd, Koda. They took my head strong and anxious 3 year old herding dog and gave him the language and tools he needed to exist and function happily in our family and home.

Erin B. writes:

I have been taking lessons and group classes with Linda now for about a year. I came to her with a specific goal in mind, which was to be able to show my dog in beginner novice obedience. We have far exceeded my goals and aspirations for my dog thanks to her. My dog and I are thankful for her tremendous amount of knowledge and her guidance both in and out of the show ring.

Darren G. writes:

Finding Lionheart K9 has been a key factor in getting to the next level. Linda’s decades of knowledge have been extremely valuable, over and over again. When I have an oddball situation – Lionheart is my go to resource. Linda has been there, done that, several times. She knows her stuff and is very good at teaching others. Can’t thank or recommend Lionheart enough.

Kyle L. writes:

Over the course of the training, Lady’s behavior and overall demeanor have improved markedly- calmer, more responsive, and probably happier as well. Lionheart K9’s teaching allowed us to build a new relationship with Lady after a difficult start. Linda’s keen intuition about and understanding of dogs brings the training method to life, and I highly recommend Lionheart K9 to anyone serious about understanding and training their dog.

Jen T. writes:

I have had a really great experience training my dog with Linda. Her knowledge on dog behavior is beyond anyone I have ever met and her ability to translate what your dog needs from you is incredible. Thank you for showing us what can be accomplished!

Transform your dog’s behavior!

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Welcome to the world of Lionheart K9, where we don’t just train dogs, we unleash your dog’s potential and transform him into the dog you always wanted! We are Westminster Maryland’s mostr experienced dog trainers, with a history of delivering exceptional results and an established commitment to customer satisfaction. Lionheart K9 is dedicated to using only effective, humane methods and uses industry recognized best practices to create lasting results you can enjoy throughout your dog’s life. For our first contact to our final lesson and beyond, we will work with you to help solve your dog’s behavior problems and create a relationship you can truly enjoy. Let us help you create a relationship with your dog that you can be proud of, conflict free and mutually rewarding. Contact us today to schedule your free consult and let’s unleash your dog’s potential!