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Using Prong Collars

Prong collars are designed to distribute pressure over a large surface area to endow the handler with more physical control

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Bogus Service Dog Training

Bogus service dog training claims so many victims a year, it has crossed the line from simply being amoral and criminal to profitable business.

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What is dog boarding and training?

Dog boarding and training is a popular option that many people seek, because the internet has convinced them that it will solve a whole host of problems without any effort on their part. Nothing could be further from the truth... There may be valid reasons to choose...

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Nobody can eat just one

Do you have multiple dogs? Remember the Lays Potato Chip commercial? The tagline was "nobody can eat just one!" I know the ad dates me, but that should be a comfort and not a surprise for you youngsters who didn't have the luxury of growing up in the saturated fat...

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Show Dog Obedience

The ‘show dog’ obedience is all about manners, or should be, as it should be with dogs in any discipline. The measure of performance begins and ends in a pass or fail scenario on the field of judgement.

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Dog Training Tools

Dog training tools are generally comprised of a leash and collar that we use to communicate with dogs. Whether that collar is a buckle, martingale, chain, prong, or electronic, it is still accompanied by a leash that acts as a conduit for information that flows both...

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What is a dog trainer?

I have to say, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I am a dog trainer. What used to bring me great pride and incredible fulfillment has become a hotly debated, divisive, contentious, provocative topic. Between the Dog Trainer Wars with various camps extolling the...

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Dog Behaviorist vs Dog Trainer

The concept of a dog behaviorist isn’t surprising, since the term dog trainer seems to conjure an image of a drooling, toothless troglodyte these days, while the term behaviorist renders the image of a sensitive intellectual steeped in academia that can solve your dogs issues with a prescription pad and a pen.

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