Our Dog Training Cost and Refund Policies

Cost and Refund Policies

How much does it cost?

The variety of services we offer reflect our ability to provide you with the best service for your investment, not the cheapest price. Our prices are competitive for services provided, and for the depth of knowledge and skill we are internationally recognized for. Although we are certainly not the most expensive, we are proud to be one of the best, and one of the oldest contiguously operated dog training establishments in the Mid Atlantic. Our prices are subject to change due to increases in operational costs and other expenses, just like every other service-oriented business in the marketplace.

Why do you advertise that your evaluations are free?

Our 30 minute phone evaluations are free and are extended to folks curious about working with us but may not be ready to make a decision. They are designed to acquire additional information for both parties before making a more tangible commitment, and are designed to explain briefly how we are prepared and capable of helping you and your dog.

We usually provide useable information that can be implemented immediately to address most behavior issues before committing to start any training program. The topics and skills we describe  are always actionable items that you can successfully implement right away.

Time is the only non-renewable resource, and it is often in short supply. Owners who pay for a virtual consult or an in-person evaluation usually come to us because they have problems that they cannot resolve on their own, have sought training elsewhere unsuccessfully and desire feedback on how that is best accomplished. We not only demonstrate what is possible for them and their dog, but we provide them with information they can use instantly, which we have developed over the span of many decades.

Mechanics don’t provide estimates for free, nor do other professionals or service providers. Professional eyes on a problem (like a biting dog) deserves compensation, even if owners don’t think it does. Providing proprietary information learned over an entire career for “free” is foolish. Einstein is quoted as saying “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Experience should be compensated.

Should you choose not to work with us, we are compensated for our time, and you are the recipient of information that you would not have had access to in any other medium. Should you choose to work with us, you have a good idea of the services we offer and the requirements for each.

Should you decide to start training and then terminate your agreement, you will be charged for any completed lessons, training material and equipment, since we will have already provided access to resources and demonstrated transferable skills, before issuing any refund.

Refund Policy

Private, in-person lessons: There are NO REFUNDS for dogs that have enrolled and participated in any in-person dog training or puppy training program provided by Lionheart K9, due to the individually tailored nature of evaluations, private lessons, research, development, and access to proprietary material, equipment etc, to owners wishing to terminate their agreement.

Lionheart K9 offers ample opportunity for owners to complete any private, in-person training program through our self-paced, online access, should they not choose to, or are unable to continue with, in-person training. Access to that archive of training material within it, provides access to our entire training information database and is not  publicly accessible without compensation.

Lionheart K9 reserves the right to terminate any agreement at any time for refusal to maintain a reasonable timeline of completing programs that offer a fixed number of in-person private lessons (up to 8 weeks for 6 lessons, no more than 13 weeks for 10 lessons), or endangering the safety and welfare of Lionheart K9 owners, clients, staff and volunteers. At Lionheart K9’s discretion, a partial refund may be made available, after transaction handling fees, cost of evaluations, private, in-person lessons, training equipment supplied by Lionheart K9, at Lionheart K9’s expense, and access to proprietary training materials have been deducted from the overall cost of the program first.

On-Line Coaching: No Refunds, No Exceptions.

Dog Obedience Boot Camp: There are NO REFUNDS for dogs that have completed any Dog Obedience Boot Camp program and returned to it’s owner. There are NO REFUNDS for services rendered, including in person evaluations, boarding, transport, feeding, grooming, private sessions and/or proprietary materials supplied by Lionheart K9, for owners wishing to terminate their agreement with Lionheart K9.  For agreements terminated by Lionheart K9, funds will be deducted for any in-person evaluations, boarding, transport, feeding, grooming, private sessions and/or proprietary materials supplied by Lionheart K9, and/or any proprietary materials that have been made available, as well as any service charges Lionheart K9 incurs for processing credit card transactions, prior to any refund. Our prevailing session rate determines the per-session deduction.

Lionheart K9 offers unprecedented opportunities to learn about our programs, training philosophies and methodology through Social Media outlets like Facebook and YouTube, in-person evaluations and teleconferencing. We have maintained an internet presence since 2002 and have served the Mid Atlantic since 1989. We are very transparent with everything we do.

If you choose Lionheart K9, you have made the commitment to work with an industry leader recognized for their exceptional reputation across the globe. If you have doubts, perhaps you would be better suited to explore training programs offered elsewhere. We want our clients to be comfortable with the choices they make regarding the training they seek from us. We are committed to your success because you have chosen us for a reason.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

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