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Lionheart K9's Online Pre-Enrollment Evaluation

This evaluation form is lengthy, but an important part of our on-line mentor-ship programs. it is important that you complete every field as accurately as possible. For dogs with behavioral difficulties, it is important to be as detail oriented as possible. If you have any questions about the form, please contact us at for assistance.

  • Must be able to receive occasional text and phone calls. Your carrier's rates will apply.
  • Must be able to receive occasional text and phone calls. Your carrier's rates will apply.
  • Please be as accurate as possible. Use veterinary/breeder/shelter records if necessary to supply accurate dates.
  • If your dog has been spayed or neutered, please select that option
  • Please be as accurate as possible. If you do not know, please choose that option.
  • Please provide species (dog, cat, etc) and age. Please include small animals, like rabbits, gerbils, birds, etc.
  • Select as many as apply. For multiple answers, you will need to press CONTROL on your desktop as you select each behavior. There are no wrong answers! The more behaviors you identify, the more precise our evaluation will be!
  • If you have attempted training on your own, please describe your efforts to the best of your recollection
  • Please be accurate. Start with what time you and other household members rise, and depart from the home; when your dog is fed, exercised, etc. Include naps if any, walks if any, duration of either, where the dog spends his/her day and with whom, doing what. This is important to determine if certain behaviors are triggered by certain events
  • Please be accurate and honest! If your dog is not exercised every day, select the appropriate option. It is important information that can help pinpoint behavior issues more accurately, and help us devise easy things to do that will enrich your dogs' life and make you feel less guilty! Select as many as appropriate!
  • Please describe; extended family, friends of adult family members, friends of minor children and frequency of visits; once a week, a few times a week, daily. etc.
  • Biting includes mouthing and grabbing, even in play. If you believe your dogs mouthing behavior is play oriented, please indicate that in your explanation.
  • Please share any health issues your dog may be suffering from, including allergies, to what, current treatment, including any medications: thyroid condition, Lymes, surgical interventions for hip/elbow dysplasia, luxated patellas, etc. Any illnesses your dog may have been treated for as a puppy can be included here as well, like parvo, distemper, shipping cough, etc.
  • Please list booster shots, if any, parasite treatment, if any, Well Senior visit, Well Puppy visit, etc. and the date in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • If there is anything we may have missed in our questionnaire, please feel free to provide it here! Thank you for your patience!
  • 10% Discount When You Pay Monthly!
  • This following amount will be billed according to the plan duration you select, unless you contact us to cancel your subscription. Cancellations will be processed the next business day.
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