Smart Start Dog Boot Camp-Maryland Dog and Puppy Training

Smart Start Dog Boot Camp

Want to make life with your dog a little easier?

Our 10 day “Smart Start” Dog Boot Camp may be just the thing to soften the rough edges on your troublesome teenage pup. This program is designed to give you a quick start on your dog’s training, offering 6 essential skills to help you control your dog more effectively in the home and on walks.

If your precocious pup likes to bounce off your furniture, think how nice it will be to have a dog that remains on his own place while you watch TV instead of being a “space invader” and using you as his personal trampoline! If your dog is the type who quietly slips away while you are busy, to raid your trash and counters, won’t it be nice to know that your dog can easily be called away from temptations, or ignore them altogether?

When you take your pup for walks, you won’t have to worry about his lunging or dragging you across the street towards things appealing only to him. When your guests arrive, they will be pleased to be greeted respectfully by your “new” dog, as he sits quietly as they enter or exit your home, or retreats to a designated location and remains there until released.Your rambunctious adolescent can easily become a burden if his annoying behaviors aren’t addressed and we offer an opportunity to get them under control in short order, helping make your dog a much more pleasant companion.

Of course, your dog will reside in our home as a member of our family and have plenty of opportunities to play with other respectful, social dogs. He will benefit from our unique “immersion” process and begin practicing the 6 essential skills to make your home peaceful again, and controlling your pet a breeze! During your follow-up lessons, we show you how to handle your dog correctly on the equipment he will go home with, to ensure an easy transition back to your home.

We specialize in providing you with the knowledge and confidence to control your dog in any situation. You will also receive a detailed tutorial of  all the skills your dog has been introduced to during training that is yours to use as a reference.

In just 10 days, we can teach your dog to walk politely with you on a leash, to sit and lie down on command, and to retreat and remain in one place on command. We also teach your dog to ignore distractions, to let go of items on command, including toys when your game of “fetch” becomes a game of “chase”, and to sit calmly and not charge your guests or doorways.

These six essential skills are the bedrock of any dog-owning home and afford you the peace of mind knowing you can control your dog easily and effectively. Our 10 day Smart Start Dog Boot Camp is also backed by our hallmark guarantee, and is truly the only training your dog will ever need.

  • Two private lessons to help enhance the training your dog has received at no additional charge
  • Access to our Model Citizen Drop-In group classes on Tuesday nights
  • Unlimited support and follow up via email or phone
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