Maryland Dog Obedience Training School-Fresh Start

Fresh Start Dog Obedience Training School

Every dog deserves a Fresh Start!

Give your dog a Fresh Start at our Dog Obedience Training School

Your dog stays in our home where he is taught all of the things you would expect a family dog to know. He will learn all 7 of the essential obedience skills that help you control him on walks, in public or in your home, as well as all five of the skills necessary to stop unwanted behaviors like chewing, barking, bolting through doors, counter surfing and other common, obnoxious behaviors. Your dog will respond willingly and quickly to commands to walk without forging or lunging, to ignore distractions, to sit, lay down, to stay where you leave him, and to come when he is called, regardless of distractions!

The Fresh Start Dog Obedience Training school is the ideal choice for the dog that has you frustrated with troublesome behavior at home or in public. If you would love to have a dog that your neighbors, family and friends admire instead of avoid, or you find yourself confining your dog more often than you spend time with him because of his unruly behavior, this training works. If you have become so frustrated with your dog that you have contemplated placing or surrendering him, don’t give up, we are here to help!

When your dog goes home, you will be amazed at how easy he is to handle on walks in your neighborhood, even around tempting distractions, like the neighbor’s cat! Spending time with your dog will become something your whole family enjoys and looks forward to!

  • 2395.00 for 21 days

When results matter.

From Problem dog to PERFECT Dog!