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Dog Training On-Line!

Are you tired of being embarrassed by your dogs behavior but don’t have time to travel to a trainer? Have you been frustrated by the dead-end training you have gotten elsewhere? Are you one of those folks that believes in the satisfaction of doing things yourself, but aren’t sure where to start?

Join thousands of people who have already experienced success and peace of mind through virtual counseling!

Learn the training techniques professional trainers use, at your pace, in the privacy of your own home, while being able to tap the expertise of a top professional with decades of experience.

Spend just minutes a day to get the same results professionals charge hundreds of dollars for, all while training in your pajamas.

With Lionheart K9’s online dog behavior counseling, anyone can get help with their dog without traveling to our facility – and for significantly less money than you would pay for a professional trainer to work with you in person.

As pet owners, parents, businessmen and women, we understand how easy it is to get sidelined by the demands of work or family. You understand the necessity of dog training for your best friend, but the demands of your daily life and your pocketbook have your buddy’s needs on the back burner.

Over 40 years of professional training has taught us what it takes to communicate effectively, and technology has made it simple, and fast. We can help you enjoy your dog more by providing easy-to-follow instruction at a price you can afford and at a pace that you choose!

Now you can have the benefit of professional, one-on-one instruction, for about what you spend at your favorite coffee shop. Experience the power of finally having solutions that will enhance your relationship with your dog!

On-Line, Text and Phone Support for Your Dog Problems!

Have a pup who chews and jumps, or a dog that raids trash cans? Want to bypass the whole “group class” scene and just get a straight answer to a simple question? Tired of talking to over-priced “behaviorists” who talk a lot but don’t actually DO anything?

We can help!

The First Step:

Begin Your On-Line Assessment

No need to bring your dog to us for an evaluation. You will be directed to provide in-depth information through our on-line form before you can reserve your personal phone consult with a Behavior Counselor. Your honesty and thorough answers when completing this form will be beneficial to providing you with accurate and helpful advice.

No long-term commitment, cancel at ay time!

Whether you just need a simple solution to a single problem, or want long term coaching for some serious concerns, you are paying only for what you want.

No contracts. Let us know you want to cancel before the next billing period and we’ll stop your scheduled payments, easy as that!