Our Dog Training Guarantee
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Have you been through other programs that left you still struggling with behavior issues?

Want to know how we can offer a dog training guarantee and other trainers won’t?

Our Guarantee assures the training will WORK. The first time. Every time.

All of our Boarding and Training programs offer private lessons to assure your understanding of your dog’s training with no extra charge if you need additional support. We understand the commitment you have made to improve your relationship with your dog and we respect that you want reliable results in a timely manner. We want you to be successful and encourage you to contact us if you are experiencing issues.


We are one of only a handful of dog trainers in the entire Mid Atlantic region that train dogs full-time. We are licensed through Carroll County to operate a kennel and are responsibly insured. Most kennels or “day cares” offer training as an additional service, and cannot possibly provide the level of attention to each and every dog in their care that we can. We limit our numbers to assure your dog gets individualized attention that a kennel or “part-time” trainer simply cannot provide.


Linda has been training dogs professionally since 1979. Her resume not only reflects decades of study with the industry’s top professionals but scores of years training pets and competitive working dogs in a variety of disciplines. Linda’s years of work in the shelter community as an on-site behavior evaluator and consultant for many Maryland area shelters and rescues has provided her with experience for helping you understand the root cause of even extreme behavioral issues and for designing solutions that are effective and permanent.


We know that training your dog is an investment of time and effort. We are here to help guide you from beginning to end. Many of our programs offer continual support that assures you will be provided with as much information and additional follow-up training as you need to succeed with your dog. We provide you with additional learning opportunities to maintain your dogs’ training successfully, at low cost or no cost, for as long as you need.

We train you how to handle your dog effectively

We provide additional follow-up and support for several of our Boarding and Training programs. With several one-on-one sessions, we familiarize you with how to control your dog effectively so that you can maintain your dogs’ training. We also offer video tutorials which are an excellent guide for you to use, but we are always available for additional hands-on training if you feel you need it.

Training Methodology

Our training methodology has been practiced and perfected on countless thousands of dogs of every age, breed and temperament. Our principles of training accommodate your dog specifically; his age, his breed and what motivates him. We rely on our successful track record of visible results to demonstrate our training in practice; not pontificate on whether or not it works. Our video library is added to frequently, so you can see it in action and decide if those are the results you would like to experience from your own dog.

I can’t thank you enough, you laid the foundation with him and taught me so much and it’s made me a better owner. We both continue to learn and I figure as long as I don’t let up on him, he’ll continue to improve. I can’t imagine where we’d be right now without the training and guidance you gave us. He was a lot of dog for me to handle and the situation with him was going downhill fast. He needed training, but I needed it as much as he did.